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Welcome to Treasured

Treasured is about you and your most precious moments in life
A private place to collect and cherish your memories - a legacy you can pass to the next generation


Catch those most precious moments in your life, everything from having a baby,
getting married, holidays, pets or even your favourite hobbies


Collect photos and memories from others, give your friends and family the ability to add
memories to your Treasured boxes or just to enjoy whats already there.
Organise your boxes and individually share access to each box with a different audience


Keep your photos forever
We store your original files securely so that you will always have

Why use Treasured?

It is easy to use and flexible

Treasured fits in with the way you live your life - create boxes for your children, your pets, your hobbies, or a special occasion, wedding - whatever YOU need it for.

You share with who you want, when you want

Share your boxes with your friends and family - maybe grandparents? Allow them to view or even add their memories to individual boxes - or not!

Keep a record of important milestones

Treasured is not just about storing and sharing photos. You can add milestones, funny quotes, speeches, diary entries, blogs and much more.

Keep a record on the go

Use our beautiful iPhone app to add your memories on the go – it’s fast and easy to add photos and notes to your boxes while you're out and about.

It is safe and secure

Treasured is hosted on the amazon web servers, and we upload your original file size, so that your files are safe and can be kept forever.

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